What is conversion?

When I speak with business owners it frightens me of what many of them feel a conversion is. To put it simply they feel that is a viewer comes to their page form a campaign (PPC, social media, etc.) that counts as a conversion. My next question is always the same. “Can you give me the name or other contact information of any of those people?” The answer is typical No.

I then ask “Who told you that a person simply clicking on your page is a conversion?” They are typically told by the person who handles their marketing and many times is a vendor.┬áThe conversation usually continues to discuss what is your overall goal. Website clicks or having a person spend money with your business?

What is sad is that there are individuals out there who will use this bait and switch on unsuspecting business owners and say things like “Look at all the click you got last month.” Clicks without additional revenue is not growth. Clicks without additional revenue is wasting money.

This is the definition of a conversion:

A website conversion occurs when a visitor to your website completes a desired action, such as signing up for newsletter, social media share, filling out a form or making a purchase.