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Top 5 tips for awesome Instagram posts

Instagram is a wonderful, user-friendly photo app. You take a picture, add some effects and filters if you like, then post it to your Insta feed so your followers can see it. It makes sense to have great pictures when you’re trying to build a following of people who love your work! However, there are things that make an Instagram post really pop. Here are the top five mistakes that creators make on Instagram and how to fix them!

1) Posting too many photos in one day.

Instagram is a photo sharing app, not a social media bulletin board. It can get very confusing and cluttered with too many photos. Before posting multiple photos, consider where your audience is in relation to you on the timeline. If you post everywhere at once, some of your followers will skip over your posts; however, if you only post on certain days or times, they will see it and follow you.

2) Posting too many photos that aren’t related to each other.

This is a big rookie mistake that will confuse and irritate people who come into your feed. While there is nothing wrong with posting photos that you think are awesome, if they are not related at all to your brand or each other, it can make you look like a random person posting photos with no purpose. Use a theme or purpose to your photos such as “a picture of me at the beach” or “my pet.” If you have a single theme, your audience will understand that you post photos about that subject and from that point on, they’ll know what to expect from you.

3) Not posting frequently enough.

This is a mistake that we see with many artists who post maybe once or twice a month, and sometimes not even then. This can be very confusing for followers. You are the reason for their Instagram feed, so make sure they know that you’re there. Post one photo a day. This is the magic number to follow for Insta-bumping, so post consistently throughout the day to keep your notifications on your followers’ phones. If you struggle with posting consistently, start with posting at 8am, 5pm and 11pm. This is a great way to open and close out your day with your followers.

4) Not posting to your website.

If you have a website, make sure you are posting the same photos on there as you are on Instagram. If someone follows you on Insta, they will want to follow you elsewhere to see everything else that you post. Also, when you post photos on your site, make sure that your followers can see them right from where they are. It’s not a huge deal to see a photo on your website, but if you have to open a new tab in order to view the photo or it’s not available to those who follow you through Instagram, then it is definitely an issue.

5) Not engaging with comments and likes.

One of the biggest reasons artists don’t post is because they are insecure about their work and don’t want to get any negative feedback. However, not engaging with comments and likes on your photos hurts your brand FAR more than negative feedback ever would. Your followers want to know that you care about what they say, good or bad. Not engaging shows your followers that you aren’t interested in what they think or feel, which can turn them away from your brand very quickly.

Remember, Instagram is the easiest and most fun way to build a relationship with your followers. Use these tips to help you feel more confident in your posting!