In many industries such as hospitality medical etc., online reviews can be the difference between mediocre success and tremendous success. That said here are three actions you can take today to increase positive reviews for your business.

Number one:

If you’re a service industry such as a medical office or other type of business where you have a receptionist when someone is leaving the office have a member of the staff engage with the individual leaving and inquire about how their visit was if it’s positive of the individual say something like that’s great hey remember to review us online. If the clients experience was negative have your employee say I’m sorry to hear that if you have a moment I know my office manager would like to speak to you about this does two things this gives you the opportunity to address the concerns of your client without it being public on the Internet but it also diffuses the situation and may sometimes lead to a positive review from that individual.


Number two:

When you conduct email marketing you can run a campaign and ask people for feedback about your service. For example, you can send them an email that will say how are we doing please take a minute to fill out this survey for many of my clients we use survey monkey it’s a great product as it allows you to truly customize your questions so that you can identify the results that you’re looking for. When you send out the email give it a few days for people to respond and go through all the positive responses and send an email back to those individuals saying something like we’re glad you had A great experience we would love if you could review us online provide links to yelp or Facebook or Google where ever you would like them to leave the review

Number three:

Have your staff capture individuals who they identify as having a good experience in your business if you have a client that during the exam or meeting says I love this place you guys are great you need to say to that individual write that in there thanks it would be great if you could review us online.

So these are three very quick and very simple ways that you can put into play to increase the positive reviews of your company I do not suggest paying for reviews or rewarding individuals for positive reviews there are companies out there that will give you A bunch of reviews for a few hundred dollars if I see a company that does not have any negative reviews that to me is a red flag

The other question I get asked a lot is how do I respond to a negative review do I respond publicly? Do I respond privately? Do I not respond at all? If you’re going to respond to a negative review I would respond as fast as you learn about the review and do it privately it’s 2019 you can’t respond to a review from 2016 today you need to let those go and what you also need to review is websites like and to see what your employees and former employees say about working for you. Before I do any work with any kind of company or buy a product I look to see what the reviews are from the workers who are there if they’re negative I am not so sure I want to give my money to a company that doesn’t treat their employees right if they’re positive I feel better about making a purchase from the company.

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