Top 5 mistakes you’re are making at trade shows

Like everything else in this world, there is a science behind the art of a successful trade show. I have attended several hundred trade shows in my career and I often see some of the biggest mistakes happening over and over. Many times there are simple fixes to increase traffic and engagement.
That said here are my top 5 mistakes you are making at trade shows. Read More

Why Marketing Your Product Is More Important Than The Product Itself

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With roughly $4.8 trillion in retail e-commerce sales projected globally by 2021, it would appear that there is ample opportunity for e-commerce businesses to excel. However, nearly 8 out of 10 online stores fail within the first 24 months, often due to problems concerning subpar branding and an excessive emphasis on the product itself rather than marketing the product.

While your product is critical to sustainable business success, poor branding in a digital era of social credibility and brand recognition can make your product irrelevant. Read More

What is conversion?

When I speak with business owners it frightens me of what many of them feel a conversion is. To put it simply they feel that is a viewer comes to their page form a campaign (PPC, social media, etc.) that counts as a conversion. My next question is always the same. “Can you give me the name or other contact information of any of those people?” The answer is typical No. Read More