My Free Focus Group

I was at a party last weeknd and I saw a bunch of kids glued to ther phones, as usual. There were about 12 or so kids there ranging in age from about 8 to 17 so I thought to myself “Awesome! Free focus group”. I decided to ask these kids 3 simple questions. I will tell you now that one of the questions was not “Do you play fortnite?”, as I know the answer to that question would have been a resounding YES!

Full disclosure I have a 6yr old son and a 3yr old daughter so I am not at this point with my kids yet. I asked the kids parents before I got into it with them and one of the dads who works in marketing saw this opportunity and jumped in with me. My first question was

Which social media do you use the most? Facebook? Snapchat? Instagram? etc.

The majority of the kids said they use Snapchat because as one kid put it “It’s quick stories and once the image is gone it’s gone forever.” That was a scary thought. The fact that a kid thinks that their digital activity is gone in a poof is very scarry to me as a father.  Another kid said “I like instagram because I am friends with my favorite rapper Drake.” This kid actually believed that Drake is his friend as if they would hangout some time. (See this is how you get influence marketing to play). Another kid said he was on Linkedin because he wanted to network with the big wigs. He looked at me laughed and said “I’m joking Im not old in my 30’s so Im not on linkedin.” Thanks kid. Im 43 by the way.  None of the kids are on Facebook but with a resounding yes I asked if their moms were. 

How often do you check you social feeds and how long do you stay on for?

One girl, early teens said she has to have her phone with her ll the time. She then told a story about how she left her phone at home one day and had no idea what was happening in her world. (addiction or FOMO?). Another kid said that he spends about 4-6 hours total per day on social. One kid said he hates all social but if he is not on he has no idea what is happening so he uses it as a type of social RSS feed. 

Have you ever been bullied on social?

This was just sad. Every single one of the kids says they were bullied on Social at least once. I ased the extent of the bullying and some were as simple as a comment on an instagram post that said you are fat to a kid that snapped to another kid he was going to “kick his ass” in school tomorrow. I asked if they told their parents or teachers and they said they did but in this world they could not prove anything was said. I then asked the kids if any of the kids who were ever threatened with violence were actually attached and they all said there was only one fight they could think of. So I guess kids talk shit as much as adults. 

As the night went on some and I looked around some of the parents were just as bad as the kids. There really is an addiction crisis in this country with phones.