How you should and should not answer online reviews

How do I answer online reviews?

This is a question I am always asked and there are so many different opinions on this subject.

If you’ve ever been tempted to respond to a negative review of your business, be careful! You are not allowed to say anything that would personally identify the reviewer, and you can only correct factual errors. So here are some guidelines for how to respond appropriately:

-Never insult the reviewer for giving feedback about their experience with your company. Instead, thank them for their honest opinion and provide any relevant information that could have led them astray.

-NEVER mention the reviewer by name or email address; this can lead to legal problems and deletion of their review by the website hosting it.

-NEVER say anything negative about the reviewer’s experience at your business. Of course, make any points you would make in response to any other negative comments. Just don’t be mean and nasty!

-If you must respond to a comment that has a photo or picture, use the following format: “We appreciate your experience at our establishment. Here are some of the things we have done to improve the situation in the future. We hope you will give us another try in the future when we do.” If you must enter a debate of some kind, try to keep it on the facts (“We appreciate your feedback. Here is the information that explains our point of view…”). Never call names or insult the reviewer or their experience at your business.

-If you have a public comment system and you see posts from someone who regularly posts negative reviews, monitor their activity! They could be using multiple names to attack your company and create an unpleasant online environment for customers. The best way to combat this is by monitoring what is being said about your business online. Before responding, check the online reviews at other websites and sites that give reviews in your industry. There are a lot of people on the Internet who have something to say about your company, and they’re not all going to be nice!

-If you respond directly to a customer’s complaint in a public forum, there is a chance that it will be seen or linked by others. If you receive a formal complaint in writing via email, never respond directly; instead, call each person at the company involved with the incident with questions about their complaint. Take notes and make sure you respond with these facts for any claim the customer may make against your business. You’ll have all the information you need to respond correctly, and you won’t get hounded by the complaintee.

-If a customer complains about poor service or a bad experience at your business, be sure to check the dates on their original or follow-up correspondence! They could actually be getting credit for going back to your business and complaining, but they are not being completely truthful with you when they say it was after their initial complaint. If this happens, tell them that their complaint is valid and that you will take care of it immediately. Then, check your system for dates and see if they are being honest. If there is a discrepancy, follow up with them and tell them that you will no longer be accepting their complaints as valid. As long as you are polite and fair, everything should work out just fine!

-If a person is using two or more different accounts to attack your business online with multiple negative posts, check the same thing: dates of when they posted the negative comments. If they are not posting in chronological order, ask them to correct their posts or stop their attacks on your company online. If the attacks continue from different accounts, cease any further contact with those persons and report anything unusual or suspicious to your local law enforcement agency immediately.

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