Converting visitors to your site…

How do you currently define a “conversion”? There are many different thoughts when it comes to the meaning of conversion.
If you are a manufacturer and don’t sell any products except through reps your conversion may be used for lead generation. This is assuming that you are the visitor’s information in order to download the document, catalog, etc. Hopefully you are and hopefully you are not using a company that has paid bots downloading thousands and thousands of the document and making themselves look good. If you have a doubt have that company provide you with full access to google analytics. This way you can see if there are any discrepancies between download numbers and website visits. I have to say though If you are not collecting information as a manufacture then you are doing your distributes a disservice as this would be a solid way to gain loyalty and more important leads for them. To not collect information form individuals would be foolish. You are potentially leaving a ton of money on the table. Think about it. When you look for a car do you only search one dealer or brand? Then if you give your information away what makes you think they will choose you over a competitor?

Currently I have several campaigns running and every single campaign has the same structure once they hit the landing page.

  • Free information and a form to fill out in order to obtain the info
  • An on page thank you
  • A thank you email generated – Received within minutes
  • Added to an email campaign with product updates and offers
  • Calls to action (CTA’s) for the client to commit.

Not every person will fill out the form and if I offered the item to be downloaded without filling out the form it is true that I would get an increased number of downloads, but I would also get no, zero, zilch, nada leads.

So, I will ask this question. Would you rather have 1,000 downloads with no information or 50 downloads with all of the contact information?

I will go with 50 every time. The take away. Always ask for info if you give it away for free.