Email Marketing Terms

A Few eMail Marketing Terms For You To Be Dangerous

We have created a list of eMail Marketing Terms that will make you dangerous. These are not all the terms regarding eMail Marketing but it is a start.

Bounce Rate

The percentage of emails that don’t land in the inbox of your recipients is the Bounce rate.

Call to Action (CTA)

An order or request given, usually, at the end of an email to encourage the subscriber to do something. E.g. “Download the app now”

Conversion Rate

The percentage of people who complete your desired task through email is called the conversion rate. E.g. When you email them for getting them to sign up for your app and they do, it is a conversion.

Email Campaign

An email campaign is a series of emails target to achieve one goal. It consists of 1 primary email and multiple follow-ups after that. These follow-ups are designed differently for different conditions like opened, responded, not opened, etc.


General Data Protection Regulation is a law from Europe which protects the personal data of the European netizens. It makes sure a business is not spamming their readers with unnecessary junk. You can still use GDPR friendly tools like SalesHandy to send emails.

Hard Bounce

When the email cannot be delivered due to reasons like an invalid email address, an invalid domain name or if a recipient’s email server has completely blocked delivery.

Soft Bounce

When the email cannot be delivered due to a full mailbox, the recipient’s server being down/offline or email message is too large for their inbox.

Open rate

The percentage of people that have opened your email is called an open rate.

Unsubscribe rate

The percentage of people from your list that opt-out, after you send an email, is called Unsubscribe rate.

These are not all the terms to know when examining your email marketing statistics, but these are enough to make you dangerous. 

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