AR and how it will help your marketing.

This past holiday season I received a bottle of wine that has a “living label”. The brand is 19 crimes and you need to download an app and point it at the label and the label comes alive-virtually. I added a video of the label below.

So this got me thinking. What other marketing can you use this technology for? How easy will it be to use it in the future? Before I go further here is the video of 19 crimes. There is also a Walking Dead wine bottle I have that video below as well.


19 Crimes Wine Bottle

The Walking Dead AR Wine Bottle

Another Video Of AR Marketing

Pretty awesome right? So think about this scenario. You go into a car dealer and rather than a sticker in the window you have an AR responsive marketing piece. You pick up your phone, point it at the car window and a video with all of the features, specs, etc. come up and you can get all of your information via links and downloads. Now imagine you are walking past a restaurant and there is a sign in the window that will play a video when you point your phone at it. The possibilities are endless.

I continue to explore how AR can be added to the mix in my marketing. I hope you do the same.