How to write a Hallmark Christmas Movie

Below I have given a broad stroke outline on how to write a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Ingredients for a Hallmark Christmas Movie

1: A town with an item from nature

  • Roaring River
  • Twin pines
  • Frosty Bluff

2: The lost Child

A member of the close-knit town returns from “the big city” for some, yet to be disclosed reason. You can inset your own tragedy.

  • Death
  • Cancer or other illness
  • Fail Big City relationship
  • A need for a change to a Simple Life

3: Reconnection with ex HS or Childhood fling who is contently available but is a bit hardened from an event from his/her past. (Don’t worry the “Magic of Christmas” (MOC) will help here)

4: The standoff.

One party is wanting to rekindle the relationship but the other, because of their past, is reluctant.  (MOC)

5: An insane amount of free time around the holidays. This is a weird part. People seem to have a crazy amount of time during these movies.

6: The Event:

School dance, holiday parade, farmers market, fair at the town square, etc.

This is where the (MOC) happens. They see each other, remember the good times and its happily ever after.

7: The sage

I saved this for last. You need to have an older townsperson as the sage or guardian angel for the lost child. YOU NEED TO HAVE THIS!!!

Well that’s it. You can add or subtract from this, but this is a solid formula.