Top dental marketing trends dentists need to know about

There are a few marketing steps that every dental practice should be taking by now. Are you on board, and are you handling these marketing steps effectively?

The dental industry is a very competitive field. Dental professionals have to continuously up their marketing games if they want to get ahead and catch the attention of potential clients. You may think your practice is doing fine. But you know what? It can do better. A few tweaks in your dental marketing strategy might be all you need. 

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From – Marketing Hiring Slows. Is A Recession On The Horizon?

Marketing Hiring Slows. Is A Recession On The Horizon?

Recessions are never easy to predict—except in hindsight. However, the most recent CMO Survey, published in February 2019, points to CMOs’ fears that a recession is approaching fast. In past blogs we highlighted CMOs’ focus on market penetration as a low-risk growth strategy and their precipitous 21% drop in optimism about the U.S. economy. These are not the indicators of aggressive executives focused on growth. They are the indicators of leaders covering their flanks. Read More