These digital marketing classes are on sale for $9.99

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People who make money strictly off of social media are a modern marvel — a lot of people who went to school for marketing don’t even get it.

Why? Because each platform requires a strategy honed for a different audience, and it literally changes by the year. Sure, some of the vloggers you follow may have gotten famous overnight — but even though their feed looks chill and go-with-the-flow, the majority of them likely has a carefully-planned strategy behind every post. Read More

What is conversion?

When I speak with business owners it frightens me of what many of them feel a conversion is. To put it simply they feel that is a viewer comes to their page form a campaign (PPC, social media, etc.) that counts as a conversion. My next question is always the same. “Can you give me the name or other contact information of any of those people?” The answer is typical No. Read More