5 Ways AI Can Solve a Brand’s Marketing Problems – ADWEEK 7/6/2018

5 Ways AI Can Solve a Brand’s Marketing Problems

Harnessing its influence can make it into your company’s superpower

Without embracing AI, marketers will fall behind in what they’re able to accomplish.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to increase the stakes in the analytic, predictive and executional arms race needed to create and keep customer relationships. Marketing is at the center of this change, and several existing applications promise to irrevocably change the landscape with step-level superpowers.

With great power comes great responsibility, and marketers must be ready to change and adapt to the new landscape if they want to avoid being the haphazard hero who lost the instructions to their supersuit. By recognizing the four ways AI and machine learning will enable change in industries and organizations, the savvy marketer can avoid costly missteps as they learn how to harness the awesome power of an enhanced world.

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My Free Focus Group

I was at a party last weeknd and I saw a bunch of kids glued to ther phones, as usual. There were about 12 or so kids there ranging in age from about 8 to 17 so I thought to myself “Awesome! Free focus group”. I decided to ask these kids 3 simple questions. I will tell you now that one of the questions was not “Do you play fortnite?”, as I know the answer to that question would have been a resounding YES! Read More